Traffic Violations

People are often unaware of the legal repercussions involved with a traffic citation. Many believe that by paying the ticket or pleading guilty to the charge, they can quickly resolve the traffic issue. However, those who do not take the time to consult an attorney’s assistance with their traffic violations can expose themselves to increased insurance premiums, driver’s license points, and even license revocation.

Marshall has handled well over a thousand traffic violations during his legal career, and he can help you understand the legal consequences you may be facing and the options that are available to you to fight the charges. Many traffic violations can be reduced to a lesser charge that will not involve point accumulation on your driver’s license or your insurance. If you’re facing any of the following citations, do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Speeding Tickets

Anyone can get a speeding ticket. A brief moment of inattentiveness behind the wheel and you may find yourself being pulled over by those menacing blue lights. If you do receive a ticket for speeding, most often, the worst thing you can do is pay the speeding ticket. Doing so is an admission of guilt and will likely cause you to incur both driver’s license points and insurance points. A good lawyer can help minimize or eliminate these concerns. Our Traffic Attorney Marshall B. Pitts, Jr.  has handled a multitude of speeding tickets in his 30 year legal career, and he will know what to do to best protect your license and insurance and save you money in the long run.

Stop Sign / Red Light Violations

Have you ever rolled through a stop sign? Have you ever tried to unsuccessfully get through an intersection before the traffic light turns red? Unfortunately, these driving behaviors can lead to traffic tickets and points on both your driver’s license and your insurance. Our Traffic Attorney Marshall B. Pitts, Jr. has handled a multitude of these types of traffic violations, and in many instances, has been able to get the matters dismissed. Don’t go it alone. Our Traffic Attorney Marshall B. Pitts, Jr. can help you minimize or eliminate any potential negative consequences a stop sign or red light violation may impose on your driving credentials.

Suspended License / Revoked License

The police, the courts, and the Department of Motor Vehicles all take driving on a suspended or revoked license very seriously. At the end of the day, if you fall into either one of these categories, you are not supposed to be behind the wheel of a car. Pleading guilty to a suspended or revoked license will most often lead to your license being suspended or revoked for an additional period of time. That’s why it is important to have a lawyer on your side to prevent further license suspension or revocation. Our Traffic Attorney Marshall B. Pitts, Jr.  has handled scores of these cases, and he knows the most effective ways to handle such charges to help you get your driving privileges reinstated.

School Zone/Work Zone Violations

North Carolina takes the protection of its school children and construction workers very seriously, and the state is much less likely to extend leniency for these violations compared to other speeding citations. If you are caught speeding in a school or construction zone, you are at a high risk of a hefty fine and multiple points on your insurance and driver’s license. Don’t go it alone. Marshall has handled many of these types of cases, and he will use his 30 years of legal experience to minimize the impact on your driving record and insurance.

Traffic Violation Questions

Q: Will I have to go to court if I receive a traffic ticket?

A: It depends upon the nature of your violation. Most traffic violations can be handled by a lawyer without you having to appear in court. Some traffic tickets can also be paid by mail; however, handling your ticket this way is an admission of guilt and in many instances will lead to increased insurance premiums and points on your license.

Q: If I hire a lawyer to handle my traffic ticket, will I receive points on my license and my automobile insurance?

A: In most instances, a lawyer can handle a traffic ticket in such a way that it has minimal or no impact on your driver’s license or automobile insurance.


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